Sunday, January 6, 2008

*Happy Birthday Tiffany!

*Happy Birthday to
 my sister n law Tiffany. What is it now...the 31st? Gettin' up there! Tiffany is so funny. She is one of those people that EVERYTHING bad happens to. Like the time she fell through the attic drywall onto the garage concrete or on her wedding night when she had a bad allergic reaction & her dad had to come bring her medicine to their hotel room. The great thing about Tiff is that she always comes out of it smiling or laughing! Just THIS month has been hard as she's lost her father n law to lung disease, struggled greatly with the safety of her unborn daughter, and had her oldest daughter Emmie very sick with pneumonia. 

*This post is probably embarrassing her since she never wants any pity or attention...But Oh well. Tiffany is a great person and is always giving so much. We love her loud contagious cackle & good attitude. We Love You! 
*Happy Birthday Tiff!*

~Also Happy Birthday to Scott...not like he'd ever read this..but ya know.


Tiffany said...

Your so sweet! Sonia had commented on my blog and I couldn't figure out how she knew it was my bday. Only you! You are right... I hate attention! Thanks for the sweet post! Not a big fan of bithdays landing on sundays! Husband unprepared as always and is unable to get anything cuz it's the sabbath. He is so annoying!

Aleia said...

HA HA... Im laughing right now at Tiffany's comment:) Happy Birthday Tiffany!!!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

HAppY BirthDay to Tiff...Just like my husband to plan weeks in advance..NOT!! what is it with MEN?

Lacey said...

that is one of my favorite pictures of tiff, she looks gorgeous!!!! Happy birthday tiffy love ya!!!!