Tuesday, January 1, 2008

*More Christmas Programs

~Kaylea as a star in the 
Church Party Nativity  
*Preschool Program
~Kaylea in front row in all RED 
looking at the kid next to her?
It was fun watching the kids singing songs such as:
 "Rudolph & I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus" etc.
*Cuteness!  (Some of the kids were so traumatized
on stage that they were crying & falling off the bleachers.)  


Unknown said...

Oh that is hillarious, poor little traumatized kids. Sad but funny. Kaylea looks like she is wondering what is wrong with someone behind her. I bet it was cute to watch.

Tia said...

YEah Audra that one made me laugh Im just picturing the kids crying now. Lets just say Carter's was one to remember he was messing with the kids antlers that was standing in front of him the whole time - then he started taking off his costume. Im sure it was funny for everyone else!