Saturday, April 5, 2008

*Field Trip Week!

*On Monday Tim went with Spencer to the Botanical Gardens. Tim just LOVED learning about the cactus &
butterflies! -(insert sarcasm) Spencer of course thought it was cool that his Dad was there & Tim enjoyed being with him.
*Then Wednesday Kaylea had a field trip at Superstition Farms where her and her friends saw literally thousands of cows, a horse, goats, bunnies & chickens. Daylan got to go too & loved it! ...just not the part where the horse sucked on his hair & scared him! (Look closely & you can see the wet part of his hair.)

~Kaylea with the chicken

..and feeding the black goat.

"AAaahhhhh!" The Goat jumped up to say Hi to Kaylea!
daylan, kaylea, friend emily, cousins roc & jett, 2nd cousin kylie, friend ethan

Posing in front of the Hay Maze

*This is my favorite picture of Kaylea & Jett when the cow smell was just too much for them!

"Pee-Yew Cows!"

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Jen-ben said...

That's hilarious! I love how they're all plugging their noses. Great pics Audra!