Sunday, April 6, 2008

*Happy Birthday Heidi & Zane

Funny Thing...but Heidi elected to have her C- section with Zane the same day as her birthday in 2005. Now we get to celebrate 2 Birthdays on April 6th! This is just an example of her selflessness.

*I first knew Heidi as a single mom of 2 cute little girls in my family ward. I was younger and away at college but I got to know her a little bit as I began attending Young Single Adults. One day when Tim & I were already married we were visiting my families' ward & she got up to bear her testimony at church. We were sitting in the front pews with my family and I was very moved by her words & spirit. I had an strong impression come over me that I should set her up with Tim's older brother Brian. As we sat there I leaned over to Tim and whispered with tears in my eyes."I'm setting her up with Brian." He agreed and felt the same way & the rest as they say is history!

*Heidi has an energy about her that I love! She is always gigglin' about something & often has some piece of news to tell us all! She has a tender heart & is often doing things for others. Heidi is so can just tell her an idea you have and she'll paint it for you. We have been on many trips together from Hawaii to Europe, Mexico or Costa Rica. Here our pictures of the last Family Trip in Italy 2007 & also our 1st Family Cruise in 2001.

Zane was also born on this special day of
April 6th. (We learn in the church the significance of so many things that have happened on this day.) Today he turns 3! Zane is such a cute little thing. I always feel like I'm going to smash him or step on him or something because he's so little. .

*Just as I'm thinking how small he is, he'll come out and say some long ol' sentence & it almost takes your breath away that someone with such a small voice could be so intelligent & vocal!
Daylan enjoys playing with him and being silly. It's funny to see how the 3 cousins were all bald babies together.

These are some of my favorite pictures of Zaners...


Natalie said...

How funny! i love that last pic of zane its adorable! so nice of you to say she had 2 cute little girls!

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday Heidi and Zane! I can't believe he is already 3. Time flies by so fast! Your right, Heidi is sooo talented! You should have seen the baby gift she gave me. I am so glad that you set them up Audra!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

thanks for being so kind and putting me on your blog. I had a great b-day and we're celebrating Zanes tonight after t-ball at peter pipers. Youare always so sweet to remember everyone. Thanks for setting Brian and I up and for changing my life!!!

Tracey said...

Happy Birthday Heidi & Zane! Audra, you are such a thoughtful person to remember everyone & their special days!

Swirls of Happy said...

What a great story!!! Love all the pics...too cute :)