Monday, April 14, 2008

*The Weekend

*We began our Friday evening with Kaylea's dance class & then went on a "family date" to CFPK (california pizza kitchen) & Deseret Book; two of our favorite stops. Tim & I had our date watching the movie we rented "Dan in Real Life"..w/ the "Office" guy Steve Carrell?...funny:)
*So normally we have pretty calm, casual Saturdays but not this last one. Spencer had an 8:00 basketball game, came straight home to piano lessons. Kaylea had some preschool friends come play till noon & then drove straight to Spencer's other basketball game at 12:00 that he made a basket in! (I've uploaded the actual play on here, but the camera shut off before the basket was made..dang it.. $#&%*@ ...but it DID go in!! Tim's calling my name because he doesn't think I'm watching...he didn't know I was taping it..i'm just one step ahead of ya honey!)

*Then after the game Kaylea & I met at my parents house and drove with Mom & sisters to a bridal shower for my cousin's fiance Marcy. She is wonderful! Brandon you should've married her a year ago!!! The 
1st gift she opened was a candy necklace made into a was hilarious!! I just LOVE seeing embarassed brides-to-be!

*Here's a picture of my 2 youngest sisters & 2 cousins at the shower.
~Alena, Brittany, Sara & Kensey~
(Girls someone needs to scan a picture of that old pic of you guys as little girls to put next to this one...anyone have it?) We have always said that they look fact just as I was putting this picture on, Daylan said "Why are there 2 Saras?" Not that they have the exact features or anything...just at first glance they look alike I think...maybe it's their smiles...?


Shawna said...

O.k. small world! Totally know Marcy and love her to death. She is so awesome! She's from Safford and her family is in my family's ward. What a small world! I think everyone that knows them both thinks they should have gotten married a year ago...they're such a fun cute couple!

sarajane said...

haha thats funny.hey im pretty sure we've got that pic of all of us girlies...i'll see if i can send it to ya:)

Anonymous said...

Way to go Spencer! What a little sports hero you have there! I'm a mean mom and plan to hold my children back in life by keeping them out of extracurricular activities and keeping them home on Saturdays just to do chores. :)

Kensey said...

we all do look so much alike! will you send me that picture my address is Thanks

Unknown said...

Wow they definitely do look alike. Ok Audy I just had a comment to call you, I need your phone number, the old one I had was disconnected ages ago, when you were still in Flagg, email me you number ok! Hope everything is going alright, I love you!

Unknown said...

It was so fun to get a present from you. And then when I opened it and realized what great taste you have in shoes. Those were amazing shoes - THANKS:-)

Lets craft at your new house!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

wow..those girls are clones!! Spencer is so awesome at basketball. Hope we can come see him play! We just started T-ball and Brian is playing softball with some guys from church..under "redford homes"
I still haven't figured out the playlist thing! UUGH!

Stephanie said...

Too funny we think alike we rented the same movie this weekend.


and good heaven I'm so out of the loop I didn't realize that Brandon getting married soon.