Monday, April 27, 2009

Father 'N Sons Campout

....was the thought I had as I lay in bed Friday night. ☺

I helped convince Tim to take the boys to the Father & Sons Campout this week-end. Every year it seems like Tim can find a really good reason not to go....but NOT this year! He ended up going with Mason & his boys so the kids had a blast! 
(They brought the open bed trailer with the BBQ grill and a friends' "Rhino" cart to ride. They also went shooting but no pictures of either event..Oh well.. can't ask for everything.)
Tim took the camera & when he got home I asked if he got any good pictures. The first thing he said was how they saw a wild turkey & got pictures of it. (He couldn't stop talking about the dang turkey and I was afraid that was the only pic they got.)

☆Luckily he did get some cute ones of the boys so they could remember their first "Father N Sons Campout."
Daylan, Roc & Tate enjoying their hotdogs & Gatorade.
The Set Up
Kickin' it by the Fire

☆The Boys said they told scary stories by the campfire. Then there supposedly was a "(daddy) Bear" who came scratching at their tent to scare the boys. And then Tim wondered why Dude was scared to go to sleep..

The Lundell boys & Spence waking up in the tent.
Daylan not quite wanting to wake up.

I do have to say I was proud of Tim, my non-camper husband for taking the boys. Dude might not remember it so much but I know it meant a lot to Spencer that they went.

☆My favorite part was when they walked in the door Saturday afternoon with their filthy, dirty faces & bodies, smelling of campfire & with crazy hair. I hgged & kissed them to death! 

(For Us Non-Campers: We, (Kaylea & I) stayed home and had a slumber party with cousin Macey. We went to Sonic for drinks, Target to shop, went swimming, watched a movie, made smores, then Kaylea's soccer game, swam again & Krispy Kreme for yum yum donuts!)


Carol said...

I just love fathers and sons weekend! The picture of the boys is adorable. Did you and Kaylea have fun?

Anonymous said...

How fun! Tim gets super-duper bonus points! The pics of the boys are all so cute. Father and Sons is the best event of the year if you ask me. :) Hope you and Kaylea found tons of girly stuff to get up to. Our camp out is in two weeks and Ezra and Kian are already counting down. :)

Lacey said...

love the pictures! Isn't it funny how little guys care about pictures? There wouldn't of been anything if it weren't for you, i'm sure. Looks so fun! I heard they all had a lot of fun! Ya, what did you and kaylea do, a little mother/daughter bonding time? Can't wait for your new little boy to enter to world!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

How fun..was it just them or was it with a ward? I know how men are with cameras. I gave Brian mine for this week and only hope he doesn't lose it! Are you so excited only 3 weeks left? any name decisions?
P.s. the slumber party part sounds fun. no wonder you gained 8 lbs in one month!! ha ha

kristal said...

I feel the same as you! Glad I dont' have to go, but I'm soo glad when they come back. Ours is in a few weeks. Kam and I need to plan something.