Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wanna Go On A Trip?

Hard Times right now? ....Try being a Home Builder! ;)

So you might have noticed this little addition to my sidebar recently:
(my shameless advertising)...CHECK IT OUT!

In February Tim decided to become a TRAVEL AGENT since planning & booking trips is something he has always been good at. So Wala..  BargainFamilyCruises was born. Tim is great at finding good QUALITY deals, getting them at even better prices and making sure the trips are of great value. He will make sure that they are affordable, but with quality & not just cheap
Because we've been on a number of cruises, he figured that this should be his area of traveling expertise and has decided to focus primarily on that aspect of it. As an agent he is able to find some fantastic deals...especially right now. Cruising is the popular route a lot of people are going right now being that you are typically getting the most for your money this way.

Help us spread the word! 
We all know someone who is bound to take a trip sooner or later.


Raich said...

love creative are you guys? people keep asking me if lyals going back into his old line of it exists?????!!!?? he just wanted to take a paycut to be a sheriff for the heck of it? (well kind of BUT being 19 left of 170 others laid off was a little bit of motivation :) Anyways, wish I had the moolah to take a cruise. We may be cruising back to AZ though. We'll see. I was duped when I saw my blog roll it said meet our little fella? anyways you don't have to post this comment...bye :)

Kristal said...

Ugh! Maybe he could send my family on a cruise...w/o me. I hope to never go on a cruise. I know werid, I just don't like traveling and feel like traveling the entire vacation would throw me into an anxiety attack,b ut Jase wants to really bad. I'll put it on my blog though, cause I think I'm one of only 2 people in the world that don't like cruises. haha!