Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kaylea loses her 1st Tooth ...finally.

~Kaylea thought the day would NEVER come. For the last year "EVERY one she knew" had lost a tooth...well except maybe Jett she said. Even 5 year olds were losing teeth & she was at the ripe age of 6 1/2. What could possibly be worse?!

~So she did everything she could to make a tooth loose; You know eat apples, carrots & other crunchy stuff, drink milk, brush & floss really good. Ok maybe Mom had a little influence on some of those.. but anyhow she tried them all. 

~Well one day last week before afternoon Kindergarten she begged me to pull it because it was practically hanging there & she didn't want to lose it on the playground. I knew we had to do it right then even though we would be running late for school. Tim stepped in & popped the thing right out...literally. It FLEW out and we were on our knees looking for it until my palm happened upon it as I crawled around. She was stoked but didn't expect so much blood!

~That night Kaylea put her tooth under her pillow and then came into my room to say: 
"Ok Mom, just in case you are the Tooth Fairy...Don't Forget okay!"

"I (want) to be a Dentist"

(Everything is about teeth these days, 
thus inspiring the career move.)


. said...

Tell her Wesley is 7, in first grade, and still hasn't lost one! (How are you gonna cover the tooth fairy part?)

Aleia said...

What a cute smile!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

She is really a great artist and looks so cute with a tooth missing! Are you super excited to have your baby boy soon? I can't wait for a new Campbell to arrive!

Scott & Natalie sherwood said...

Congrats Kaylea! I hope the tooth Fairy is generous since you had to wait soooooo long.

Anonymous said...


Heather Jeppsen said...

That's funny. How does she think you're the tooth fairy? Too funny. I guess she's too smart.

Jen Talbot said...

That is so exciting! Go Kaylea!

brittany said...

Kaylea...I can see up your nose darling :) I'm glad you want to be a dentist. Me too. haha