Monday, April 13, 2009

Symbolism of the Season

*This morning at our house we had a resurrection of sorts. Being the morning after Easter made it all the more meaningful as we saw our new little Butterfly friend appear. For days he was a small little black caterpillar...But he soon grew and grew and then stayed quite lifeless in his cocoon for days. 
*Tim kept suggesting he was dead and I reiterated the fact that you have to be patient and this was part of the normal process. And then it happened ...this small little miracle of life. The butterfly emerged & it is beautiful. A resurrection of his old body into his new one. My kids were amazed and frankly so was I. Nothing unusual but just another ordinary miracle. 

*It made me think of Spring. 
The once dead looking grass to a vibrant living green.
Hundreds and thousands of flowers now in bloom.
The caterpillar to the butterfly.
And the eggs that we all dye with the kids- Representing those baby chicks emerging from their "tomb" leaving it empty as did our Savior. 

*The symbolism of this season is all around us and I don't think by chance. Jesus Christ who created this very world is so much apart of it. And I say thank you to him & our Father In Heaven for these little reminders surrounding us this Easter season.

*Read cjane's "Little Resurrections" post for more symbolism as she speaks of her sweet sister.*


A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

That is such a great lesson. Where did you get the kit? I bet your kids were so excited. Are u going to release it?

Callie said...

So sweet Audra! Thanks for the beautiful post. I am sure your kids will always remember this Easter because of that little butterfly, what a neat experience for them!

Lacey said...

aw, i loved this post! such a wonderful lesson. I love those butterfly kits, they are so fun! Isn't the Easter season so beautiful!!? You always have such cute posts