Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Campbell Cafe

~So these last 2 weeks as I have learned to sit & walk again, my oldest three kiddos have been so very helpful! They have been keenly aware of the 6 inch gash across my middle & have been accommodating. They come running when I ring the cow bell...kidding...I mean call out their names. They have been eager to bring me diapers, wipes, drinks of water or whatever I might need. They've even crawled up on the counter a time or two to get my medicine when I just couldn't do it.

~This picture is of the lovely lunch they made me the other day: Cheetos & a 1/2 ripped ham sandwich. It was so cute to see Daylan & Kaylea on stools in the kitchen standing next to Spence as they spread the mayo & mustard on the bread, ripped the cheese, the bread & the meat. It was the cutest most thoughtful thing.


Becky said...

That is adorable! Sounds like you're on a mini vacation with room service and everything ;)

Anonymous said...

Sooooo sweet! And I am super impressed that your cuties are confident enough in the kitchen to put a sandwich together. That's what we're working on this summer...gotta make these kiddies independent. Looks like you're on the right path already! I hope you feel better soon.