Monday, June 29, 2009

What's in a name?...

Our little Jax... finally official.

~After much deliberation, our little Jaxson poo was finally given a middle name. I guess I did say Tim could name this baby and he was certainly going to hold me to it. I mean Tim was in fact from the notoriously strong-willed Campbell/McCleve family and he was not letting this comment I'd said go unremembered. Oh no-what had I done?! According to him I had "named all the other ones"...blah blah blah. {Yeah our first born daughter and son after his mom and dad...Just Saying....}

So Jaxson was chosen by Tim & agreed on by the kids by the 8th month or so of the pregnancy & the middle named was still TBD. Right at the end we said it was going to be Thomas after Jaxson's Grandpa Tom, Uncle Tommy & Thomas S. Monson. Perfect right? Well literally the night before Jax was born, Tim threw the name "Mit" into the mix.

Yeah I thought it was cute...I actually did nickname Tim that when we were dating-kinda ironic. {college u remember that?} I just didn't want people thinking of Mitt Romney the second they heard Jax's middle name. -the only Mitt people have really heard of.- I really do like M.R. but I prefer using family names that mean something. For heaven sakes Michael Jackson had just died and numerous people were already thinking we had named him after M.J. -Love the songs but c'mon now. Do people really name their kids after celebs?...I guess so.

The name grew on me though as I realized the significance of MIT...which of course is TIM backwards. But the cool thing is that Tim just happens to have this interesting backwards reading talent. Give him any word and in 2 seconds he will tell you the word backwards. Seriously it's really cool...try it on him the next time you see him. It's really his own little language that he's so proud of.

So here's to our precious little Jaxson Mit.
Our one child who was not named in the womb...and lived to tell about it.

{I was too cheap, poor & busy this time to send out birth announcements,
so I will send them out with Christmas cards.}

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