Saturday, June 13, 2009

Where did the time go?

Reminisce with me as we look at pictures of 4 special Birthday Boyz!
Phylip & baby Spencer (2000)
Phylip turns 16 today.

Spencer & baby Daylan (2005)
Spencer just turned 9.

Daylan & baby Jaxson (2009)
Daylan turns 4 next week.

Time is such a weird thing. Don't you think? It can go slow yet so fast at the same time. 3 weeks ago I didn't even know what Jaxson looked like.... but now I can't remember life without him.

*These 3 little boys of mine, Spencer, Daylan & Jaxson are so special to me. And they are growing up too fast. When I placed my order for them I thought I specifically stated...that I wanted them to grow up SLOW. I guess no one got the memo.

And then there's my little brother Phylip. He was 5 when Tim & I were dating & Daylan's age when I went off to college. Well, he turned 16 today...excuse me... just a little lump in my throat.

(Last night my parents & sister threw him a surprise party complete with food, friends, d.j. & bounce house.)

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Stephanie said...

cute posts.
I like the sibs pict, or should I say nibs pict.