Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dialog of the Day:

When a used-to-be-pregnant lady loses 20 pounds over night, 
she practically feels light as a feather
And then she hears something like this:

Kaylea: "Mom-it still looks like you are gonna have a baby."

Daylan: "Yea I know Mom -it does."

Spencer: "Do you think there's still another baby in there?
.... like hiding behind your rib or something?"

Thanks kids- Such special words.


Brian and Janette said...

ha ha! No worries--unless they are still saying that in a year from now! Gotta love the honesty of children!

Heather Jeppsen said...

Wait till it's been 3 months and they ask if you're pregnant again! Chase asked me before I had Perry if I would be skinny after. I told him no so I think it was okay for a little while, but I haven't been pregant for a whole 4 months! What's my problem?!

Anonymous said...

Wowsers! Those are fighting words! :)

Jeni Everett said...

Oh my gosh, that is so funny! Kids are so honest, aren't they?! I am sure you look great though for having a baby just a couple weeks ago!

Jamie said...

I love this conversation...so kid-like. Better them saying it than Tim! :)