Thursday, August 6, 2009

1st Day of School

...for my PRESCHOOLer, 1ST GRADEr & 4TH GRADEr
Daylan~ Preschool
 (Our "Genius In the Making")
...Spence wore this shirt in Kindergarten & Dude just inherited a whole bin full of Spencer's old clothes...Thanks to "Audra-From-The-Past" for saving that; Saved on school clothes shopping!
Kaylea~1st Grade
Kaylea still lovin' Hello Kitty & sporting the backpack she HAD to have. (She insisted the lunchbox MUST match so she had to help pay for it.)
Spencer~4th Grade
Spencer sporting the new glasses that he had just got the week before. We discovered he is near sighted so he needs them for pretty much everything BUT reading, video games & the computer. He says he likes his new glasses because they make him "look smart."

And then there was the 2nd day of school:
look at that lip...
 Now a few weeks into it, he loves going to Preschool & learning his "Zoo-Phonics." Daylan has enjoyed making friends, having ART day with his buddy Kian & loves his guinea pig class pet "Piggy."
*Notice the difference of expression on Kay's face from the 1st day...She had a case of the nervous jitters in her tummy & told me she was gonna throw-up every day for...oh a couple of weeks now. *They have been in school for a month now & she is doing GREAT and has gone from the kids not thinking she could speak, to being the self proclaimed "chatter-box."..? I love that each day after school, she has so many stories to tell me. I feel like I already know every kid in her class! Gotta love Girls!..
*Spence as you can see here is just ready to jump out of the car and get on with his day. He LOVES school, has made a new best friend and just began the ELP program. It's funny because at Meet-the-Teacher night I told his teacher in my most un braggy way... 'Spencer is a really bright kid and needs to be challenged.' She responded "yes it seems like we will have a lot of smart kids this year." (A lot of parents must have said the same kind of thing to her.) Well I got an email recently from her saying..."You were right...he really is brilliant.") 

*(We received scores a while back on his Aims Testing from 3rd grade & he was in the 99th percentile-meaning he scored better than 99% of kids in 3rd grade (which is amazing being that he is always the youngest in his grade.)  *He also took the Otis Lennon Test & the COGNAT...or whatever it's called... & scored remarkably HIGH on those too!)   -I think Spence has passed his Mama in the "smarts" department!


Tracey said...

They all look so darn cute on their first day- I love Spencers glasses!

Kristal said...

I love Daylan's second day pic. hilarious! Um, Spencer looks like a high schooler What the heck?!

Rusten,Danae & Munchkins said...

What ever happened with all the promised suckers for phone numbers? That was to funny!!

AMY said...

I just wanted to let you know I spent the last half hour looking at all kinds for blogs that are linked to your blog. That's why your Who's On My Blog section looks like I'm stalking you. I didn't realize you kept in touch with so many people from high school.