Thursday, August 27, 2009

When did they grow up again?....

(sara, lacey, brittany, danny, phylip, ashlyn)
~We are proud of our younger siblings & the recent new beginnings of their lives. 
~Here's the latest scoop:

Ashlyn Phylip~ Both Juniors in High School @ HHS & LBHS

Sara~ A Senior in High School @ HHS

Lacey~ BYU Hawaii (September) ...& sending off her missionary)

Brittany~ MCC's Dental Hygiene Program (August)

Danny~ BYU Provo (June)

Tommy~ working part time as Physical Therapy Tech & finishing credits to prepare for P.T. school with his sweetie Jozie by his side.

*Also Stephanie's husband Marcus~ began this summer @ USC to get his Masters in Real Estate. (1 year program)

Good Luck Guys on the beginning of the rest of your lives.
We're excited for you!


kwistin said...

I love that you give this sweet little tribute to your siblings, just because! :)

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

What a good big sissy! Your parents did a terrific job with you guys...not a slouch in sight! Good luck to all your siblings!

Tracey said...

Wow... Jackson is getting so cute!

Lacey said...

Audra, so cute! I love that picture of all of us, we were so little!!! Wow, time certainly does fly by. This was a cute post. By the way, that picture of Jaxson is so stinkin cute. He looks so different already! I'm back in the blogging world now!