Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A new house, new school, new friends....

(You'd think we'd be pros by now.?)

The last week of July we moved from Mesa to Queen Creek...Hopefully what will be our last move for a long time! The past 10 years went a little something like this:

Tempe to Gilbert
Gilbert to Flagstaff
West Flag to East Flag
East Flag to Bellemont
Bellemont to (down the street)
Bellemont to South Gilbert
S. Gilbert to more Southern Gilbert
Gilbert (to down the street)
Gilbert to Mesa
Mesa to Queen Creek
 & these were all primary residences!...
(not to forget a 2nd home in there at one point too) 

~Kaylea's Idea of Packing A Box:
 the week we moved in looked something like this:

Saturday- Sold furniture in model home
Sunday- Went to new ward @ church for the 1st time
Monday- Moved into the house
Wednesday- School Started for kids
Sunday-Jax's Baby Blessing

~Since we moved in, my little Daylan has continued to ask us when we are now moving from "this house." The poor little guy doesn't know anything about
stability. Everything is always changing. Well okay maybe I'm wrong... I should say "things" are always changing...
Hopefully Daylan & the other kids know that the things that really matter -NEVER change;  Like our love for them & the Gospel in our lives. 
We feel very blessed to be where we are, to have learned what we've learned, to know what we know and to begin a fresh new life with our kids in a great area. The kids love the neighborhood, the ward and their school classes....We also are enjoying the beautiful views out our windows of the San Tan Mountains. 
Life is good.


Brian and Janette said...

uggh! I hate moving...and that list just exhausts me! I'm glad you guys are enjoying your new place and settling in is in a great area and hopefully we'll get to see you a little more since you're so close to mom and dad. Oh...and we are LOVING our crib!

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

How have we been lucky enough to live right down the street for most of those moves? We love having the Campbell's close by! I'm glad to hear that it's gonna last for a while this time. :) Do you want Daylan to come over after school on Friday?

Aleia said...

you guys have been busy:)

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

Whew! sounds crazy, hopefully you can settle there now. I love Kayleas box..looks like those barbies are pretty comfortable. Sorry we missed the blessing. We had to wait for the girls to get back from Japan. (LAX)
Good luck in getting all set up!

Kristal said...

yea, we've got 14 moves in 8 years...this is the longest we've been anywhere...almost 2 years. ug! My sister LOVED your model home sale. She said to tell you that if you ever sale that dining her first.

Jamie said...

Call me crazy, but I actually love moving! I haven't done it as much as you guys, though! Enjoy getting settled in your new nest. I'm sure it's gorgeous!

Basso said...

glad to hear it! I love the packing job, so cute! Maija would do the same thing!

Jessica said...

We miss you guys! Sage would love to have Kaylea in school with her this year. She is having to make all new friends in her class. Only one boy (Noah) from their class last year is in her class this year. She is loving 1st grade though. We will have to meet up somewhere to play, or we would love to come and see your new house. Let me know when a good time would be for you guys. Take care! Oh, and I love Kaylea's box that she packed! Too cute!