Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas This Year....{by me.}

The stockings are hung,
Carols to the elderly we have sung.

The kids were in School Performances
 the Town Parade
Piano Recital 
& The Nutcracker 
not Jaxson, but Daylan, Kaylea and Spencer.

Teacher's gifts have been given
wrapped in bows and in ribbon.
Now if only I could get my shopping finished the laundry & wash the dinner dishes.

I should be wrapping, but instead I lay here in bed
Dreaming of a clean house & no pain in my head.

Christmas lights are in our lawn; only half are working now,
...but to my kids it seems like the greatest display somehow.

I'm coughing & sneezing-going through boxes of tissues
Helping sick babies in the night with all of their issues.

Our Christmas cards are not all yet mailed,
My friends & family probably think that this year I bailed.

The tree is already wilting

& the star on top is tilting.

I pass our Nativity in the hall
& for a moment I stop and recall;

...That the reason I'm doing all this
is to celebrate this birthday of His.

Today at church with my half of a voice, I tried to sing Christmas hymns
Only to get out a few notes & tears around my eyes rims.
This year I feel as if I'm barely making it by
but I'll keep on trying to remember why-

That it's NOT about how many or how great of gifts I will buy,
But what I do to serve others & show my love to our King on High.


Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

You're doing great...and it sounds like you have the right perspective. :)
Call if you need help.

Joe & Ren said...

I love your thoughts!! It always seems to be what I needed to hear!! I love the family pictures by the way!! Beautiful family!!

Raich said...

You are a perfectly nifty poet. Woohoo for Christmas being over and holding on to the nice sweet moments. I am genuinely excited for Christmas to be on Sunday next year. I am so happy you are having another boy. Boys are so fun and your friend is so right. It is such a glorious time to be raising warriors. Wish we could talk more about it. Love when you update!