Monday, December 27, 2010

Drum Roll Please.....

It's a....
We opened up the velvety red box first thing Christmas morning & were all very surprised! I'm so glad we waited & all opened together. It was so fun to do it that way!! Yes I am in complete shock. Yes I thought it was bound to be a girl. ...I mean this is Kaylea's profile to a "t".

Here's lookin' at you kid...
{Check out his cute left eyeball looking right at me!}

It is finally sinking in that it really is a boy. There is no mistaking Campbell boy parts. 
My sons are not shy as far as that's concerned. 

*I shared my news with a friend of mine yesterday. She has 7 kids-5 of whom are boys. As we talked about the fact that we were both shocked I was having another boy, she shared with me some powerful thoughts that gave me goosebumps. She said after having 5 boys in a row & wondering why as well, she prayerfully came to the realization that these boys coming to earth will be facing so much in these last days. With the ridiculous bombardment of pornography & filth, these boys must rise above & become righteous men as they are missionaries, husbands & fathers. They need to be able to prepare this world for the Savior's coming. She said to me "I know Heavenly Father is sending these boys to righteous families that He knows will prepare them..." She then said: "When I came to realize this, I gladly took on the challenge."

*In this moment I was excited in a brand new way for our little boy! I am grateful for friends who are in tune with the spirit.~
Ok so now here's the REST OF THE STORY:

It's really 2 BOYS!!
Our first boy addition also came Christmas morning & his name is Beamer.
~A dream come true for this little girl.~
That smile
makes all the puppy poop worth it.

(good thing I'm over my pregnancy nausea!)
These kids were also in shock with the news of the boy & that this is really their dog.
Thus...the no-tooth smile.
Jax & Beamer are so sweet...

Hoping you had a Very Merry Christmas as well. :)


Jamie said...

Copy cat!!! Ha, ha, ha! We got the kids puppies and I concur about the morning sickness and poop.

I love what your friend said about raising righteous boys. It's so true! Besides, the boys are waaaayyy easier. I hope Kayleigh isn't too disappointed. I'm sure having a new doggy helps...

What precious memories you're making with them!

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Yippee!!! Another cute boy for your sweet family! At least you'll already have all the "stuff" you need. :)

Can't wait to see that adorable puppy up close and personal. Sounds like a very Merry Christmas for you all!

{she + him} said...

I love it...Kaylea will always be the Princess of your family! Your newest little one is coming right along...can't wait!

Congrats Campbell Family!

Unknown said...

Oh Audy, I am so excited for you! I know everyone was crossing their fingers for a girl, but I have to say, you guys make some amazingly handsome boys! I have some friends who have several boys before getting a girl and they have all said the same thing to me, later when they eventually have a girl, they say that it was a blessing because they would have most likely stopped having babies after their girl came along and then those fun boys never would have made it to their family. I am so happy for you and your sweet growing family! Love you girl!

The Ashlocks said...


A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

we are so happy that another little campbell man is on the way! Your friend is so right about this world needing more righteous men. I am thankful you are healthy and doing well even with those "horse pills"!