Monday, January 24, 2011

Motherhood Is Calling Mondays..

1st of all I don't like Mondays. 
Not Rainy days but "Mondays always get me down."

2nd of all though, I do like my friend Jamie.
She is a Wonderful Mommy & a great writer.
So link up to her Motherhood is Calling Mondays & Enjoy.
She'll make you laugh. She's even funnier in person.
Then on Mondays do a Mommy post. -A Motherhood thought, moment, story etc..
3rd- Ok here goes MY Motherhood Monday moment:
~Sometimes there are those moments where time freezes in my head & I take a mental picture of my children in their sweetness. Yesterday I just happened to have my camera 2 ft away, grabbed it & captured this without them noticing.
Notice the peelings on the floor, the knatted hair & slippers on backwards....LOVE it!
My 5 year old Daylan had just been having an Afternoon-I'm Tired-Meltdown when the thought came to me: "Have him peel carrots." Within seconds he was happy, helping & feeling very useful & needed. I loved that Jaxson just stared in amazement at how remarkable his big brother was.

You know every once in while I have a moment where I see my kids doing something great and I think: "Hey maybe I might just be getting this Mom thing down." HA! -BUT then of course to keep me humble-I turn around & the dog has just pooped on the floor & seconds later 2 kids run downstairs saying:  "He yelled at me..."  and "She pinched me..." 

Oh well.. the peeling carrot moments are the ones I must have in my mind's memory card -Not those other ones.


Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Hilarious picture!
Is that some kind of kid friendly peeler? Mine would maim my children.
Great idea though! I'll have to use it when I find a safer peeler.

Jamie said...

Thanks for linking up (and the compliments), Audy! What a friend!

I will definitely try the carrot peeler. Some in my family would think it was a punishment, some a treat. Go figure.

I know what you mean about feeling like you have this motherhood thing down and then...That's where grace comes in, my friend.

AudyCamp said...

Yes Kathleen-definitely a kid friendly peeler...everything in my kitchen has to be Audra-friendly since I'm so clumsy. :)

Oh Jamers-you know you're awesome. :)
ANd Yes without grace what we do?