Saturday, January 8, 2011

Provo Tabernacle Burns

An aerial before picture:
*photo courtesy

Story from back in mid December:

*photo courtesy John Curtis

{The 100 year old historic Provo Tabernacle was on fire. It burned and burned without much success in saving it. I remember going there a few times growing up with my Grandparents for Stake Conference & other concerts and things. I have cousins, friends & family have very memorable & tender memories of events that took place there like this one from my cousin Kristin. You can see towards the bottom of her post the beautiful sketch she drew as she watched the firemen still trying to put it out.

It is a remarkable, historic, nostalgic & special building to a lot of people. It is a building our pioneer ancestors sacrificed so much for. Arson was ruled out, although the center of the building was completely gutted. As far as I know the church does not know if it will be restored or not.}

There was nothing that could be salvaged from the fire EXCEPT THIS was found.
Take a look at the amazing photo below of a recovered painting:

~A bitter sweet Christmas Miracle~


"For most viewing the interior it was a total loss…and then yesterday a fireman removed one of the many pieces of art work in the building…it is the building’s only survivor…a picture of Jesus Christ. The fire had seared the picture all around the frame and most of the picture…except the figure of our Lord and Redeemer….He somehow survived."

*Video footage from News Station*


Tiffany said...

This gave me the chills the first time I saw it and again today. Thanks for posting. Amazing!

Stephanie said...

Goosebumps...what an amazing picture!
I showed Ethan the picture today and told him the story of the tabernacle catching on fire... and this was the only thing that didn't get burned. He looked and me and smiled..and said so sweetly but very confidently.. it's because He protects things.

kwistin said...

Thanks, Audra, for posting this. It means a lot that you'd post it even from AZ to recognize how much it meant to Provo. You're such a sweetheart. And that picture....yes. What a miracle.

And thanks for linking to mine--your blog gets a good amount of traffic cuz it's been spiking my blog stats! =D so even if they're not commenting, they're reading! ;)