Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Suns Belly☺

-We were recently invited to the Suns Game by our friends the Gardners to sit by them in their awesome seats. (I wish we would've got a picture of them too.)The Suns played the Portland Trailblazers that night. Jill & I might have done more people-watching than basket-watching. John McCain sat a number of rows ahead of us on the court in his suit, next to his wife, with her big hair, that didn't move..and was asked over & over to get his picture taken. 

~My talented sister Sara whipped up this Basketball on my BIG ORANGE belly before we left. And for the record that Belly was the Suns good luck charm and the baby Campbell Suns-Belly helped them pull off a WIN right before it was about to go to overtime!

The funniest part was that we showed up for the game an hour & 1/2 early on accident. It was hilarious. Maybe you had to be there. So we roamed around the local restaurants to find some good chocolate desserts=Mission Accomplished. The game started by 8:30 & didn't get over till 11pm getting us home our kids about midnight. Thanks to my parents for watching our kiddos-especially my feverish Jax.

{Oh & before the game we went to grab dinner- only to find my sister Brittany there with her new beau. I decided to play a trick on her. She is really fun to trick. I had Jill go up to her (whom she did not know) & tell her she had just hit their truck in the parking lot. They quickly ran out of the restaurant & out to see their "truck." We spied through the window like little kids as they came back. We waved through the blinds at my sister & her date as they laughed in embarrassment. Ha-I'm so funny.}

-It was a Fun-Filled, Orange Belly Kind-Of Night. 


Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

So fun!
I'm glad you guys got to go!
Sounds like the perfect date night...laughs, excitement, belly art...not much better than that!

brittany said...

hardy har har har