Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bellemont Tornado(s)

I still can't believe this happened...

Once upon a time in 2002 we moved to Bellemont. In fact we were the very 1st house built there in the Flagstaff Meadows neighborhood with the Lundell's a close 2nd. We were the pioneers there. Our only neighbors were the cows who sometimes grazed in our backyard, the multitude of pine trees, the view of Humphrey's Peak mountain, a hidden trailer park with a few people, the Truck Stop, & across the overpass the Army Depot. Soon, another neighbor would be the local Hotel..that Tim and Mason were having built & would own.

Who knew that 8 or so years later so much change would happen in this little town. There are now hundreds of homes & townhomes, a good part of those they built. The Microtel hotel that was sold to different owners & changed to Motel 6 would harbor the same tornado victims that were now homeless after numerous tornados ripped through the neighborhood.

*The tornados hit our old street Bellemont Springs Rd. the hardest!*
Here was our home a few years ago when we lived there...(back in the bountiful times)
 Here is a picture of it after the Tornados.
{These pics of our old house were sent to me via my sister n law Heidi, who still lives in Bellemont, 
through her friend who now lives in the house.}
Here is the Entry Way:
Look at all the glass on the floor!
I just can't believe how the tornado blew through windows. If we still lived there, this is the room my BOYS would have been sleeping in...
It's still a miracle to me that no one was severely hurt or killed in these tornados. There was one neighbor that was upstairs covering his kids when their roof was totally lifted off their house & he said he saw the funnel right above him & was sure they would be sucked up any minute. Right then part of the roof fell to cover & protect them.
The tornados even flipped cars, RVs & boats.
{Some of these photos taken by other friends, neighbors.}
Yes that is a boat coming through a roof.
This is my old neighbor & friend Rebecca who was right in the thick of it all. Very fitting of her to be holding this sign "There's no place like home."~Dorothy
(who also taught us a thing or two about tornados & what home really is.)


Tracey said...

That is just sickening to look out and so scary! Amazing that nobody was severely hurt... Audra - you are a great writer!

callie said...

So crazy!! Thanks for posting the pics, they really give a visual to all the stories I have heard from family that still live and work out in Bellemont. I am so grateful no one was hurt!