Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stephenson Family Reunion {...*Video link now working*}

Add Family from AZ/CA + Grandpa's Stories + Tamales 
= And you've got a Stephenson Family Reunion.

~This year we were in my Aunt Sandy & Uncle Toby's home in beautiful Queen Creek. Just look at the views...That's why I love living here. Add horses to the mix & the kiddies were in heaven!
It was great weather out & we had lots of delicious food!
My CUTE lil' Sissies & Cousins

~We watched a video presentation that I had made for the occasion. The background music was a song that my Mom had written words to over the years. (With the help of Brittany's friend, him & his family put it to music in their family's studio.) It is beautiful and tells the story of my Grandpa Ed's little brother who died at the age of 4. This was a very tragic event in their lives and something my Grannie Mattie never talked about because it hurt so much. They were not members of the church & did not believe that families were eternal, thus the incredible turmoil and heartache. Years later, my Grandpa heard that because of Jesus Christ he could one day see his brother Dannie again. This, along with a deep love for my Grandma Pauline converted him to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints-to which I am forever grateful.

*Here is the Video I made about that very story:  
(Words/Music-by Kathy Curtis & Nate Noble)

~There are 3 voices singing this song. One represents Grannie Mattie's (Dannie's Mother), one is Dannie singing from Heaven & the other is my Mom singing from Earth explaining that there is meaning behind it all & we must learn it and share its message.

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