Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gilbert Temple Groundbreaking

This Saturday the Gilbert Temple groundbreaking will occur.
It is designed to look like this. ~It will be beautiful!
President Monson says this of Temples: 
"...they stand as a beacon for ALL to see."
My older kids are excited to do baptisms there someday soon.
Spencer will be 12 by the time it's built and will be able to do so then. Kaylea says she wants to get married there!

I never would've imagined as an 11 year old Gilbert girl that there would be a Temple one day in Gilbert. The Gospel message is spreading at a tremendous speed & it is wonderful.

I believe that these Temples on Earth are literally Houses of God. His spirit truly dwells there.
You can literally feel the presence of Heaven as you sit quietly alone praying
or as you do ordinances for those who have passed on.
~Last Saturday my little brother Danny & his bride Kayla were married in the Mesa Arizona Temple.
I cried...and not just because I'm pregnant.
It was a beautiful ceremony with an overwhelming presence of Angels.
~They have chosen to be together for Time & all Eternity~

More photos to come...


{she + him} said...

Here's yet another reason why I wish I could be in Gilbert! I am sad I won't get the inside track of this temple...that would've been fun!

AudyCamp said...

Seriously Joze!! I was really planning on that connection as it got built...That would've been cool. But you are off livin' the dream with your hubby. You won't regret it.

Just make sure you come back sometime soon-at least by the Open House-Temple one that is..not Danny's tomorrow. Haha...I'm so hilarious.

Kristal said...

Again, I wanna be you, or at least I want you to raise my kids you're amazing, and so inspired. I want that!