Monday, November 15, 2010

Gilbert Temple Groundbreaking-Part 2

We weren't the only ones excited about this:
            We were blessed with such beautiful weather on Saturday, November 13th. Tim & I took the kids down amongst the large crowd & found my mom and sister who had kindly saved us some to one of the loud speakers. :) Ahead of us one row sat our friends the Wrights, off to the left we saw our Bishop and his family. Surrounding us were approximately 7,500 or so others there with many more people we knew & many we didn't~Other brothers and sisters in the Gospel there also to share our excitement about this new Temple in our own Hometown!
People as far as you can see...View from the Choir Seats
            We listened to speakers & sang hymns together that gave you goosebumps. You could feel the presence of our ancestors who you knew were there & were also excited about this Temple. They were the ones that first came to Arizona and prepared this land for us their posterity & I'm sure they had something to do with it being brought about.

By 2013 there will be a Temple on these very grounds. 
~A Home for the Heavens to come here on Earth and dwell.~
*Photo Credits to Kathy who made this blog about the Gilbert Temple's Progress

I heard the statistic that 1 in every 17 Arizona citizens is LDS... And in Gilbert I'm sure that number goes way up. (& Queen Creek even more...) You can see why this is such a big deal for us Arizonans-another long awaited day in the church! This will be Arizona's 5th Temple completed. {Mesa-1927, Snowflake-2002, Gila Valley-2010, and coming soon Phoenix & Gilbert.}

*Here is the Church's Website specifically for the Gilbert Temple.

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