Thursday, November 11, 2010

To cute to not post...

Our First Halloween Event was a Trick or Treat Party at the Elementary School. 
Jaxson & Spence were Pirates
Kaylea- a gangster or tomboy (whichever she felt like saying at the moment)
 and Daylan- A King

Then on Saturday the 30th 
We ate our traditional "Mummy-Dogs" for lunch.

*That evening our Ward put on a Trunk or Treat...
Jax insisted he pass out candy with Dad.
The kids had fun walking about from trunk to trunk with cousins...
The Boys were dressed up this time as....?
Would you guess it if he was saying... "O-tay"
Daylan, Jax & Spence (Alf-Alfa) were The Little Rascals...Sara's idea.
Just used some old clothes, found suspenders & hats and called it good.
Kaylea of course refused to be "Darla" (too girly) & insisted on karate girl....
She's what you call "going against the grain."
Then after church on Sunday we went to the Lundells for a yummy Chili Dinner.
Since Halloween actually fell on the Sabbath this year, we didn't have the kids Trick or Treat. They understood & were totally fine with it. For the 1st time ever they got to pass out candy to any costumers who came by that night. They said it was just as fun & perhaps even "funner" than actually ringing all the doorbells.

Another Fun-Filled Campbell Holiday.


Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Those costumes are pretty cute girl! I have to say that Jax sporting giant smiles in every picture takes the cake though. Cute little guy.

{she + him} said...

Love the Little Rascal cute and so true!

sarajane said...

I take full credit for these rascals. I've never seen the pics of the finished costumes... I LOVE it!