Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Birth Story...

The Prep Room:
The place where I get to have my bloodwork done & a lovely I.V. put in 
(that they can never do easily cuz my very small veins!)
{This is about the time that Tim starts getting REALLY nervous.}
Then it was really time....

I walked into the Operating Room, climbed up onto the bed. I hunched over a pillow & took deep breaths as the "Rookie" Anesthesiologist gave me my spinal. (Not comforting to hear the experienced guy walking him through it...lovely.)
I laid down, watched the magic blue curtain go up & waited for my hubby to come in. I prepped him on what to do with the cameras. I was trying to keep both our minds off the fact that I was being sliced open for the 5th time in the same spot.

Here I am thinking:  "Am I really doing this again!?"
 I looked up into these lights & could see a clear reflection of my surgery. I got super nauseous. They would continue to raise my blood pressure to keep me from vomiting. As it started to get closer I snuck a few peeks & my adrenaline started pumping and compensated for my nausea.
Then we heard the doctors and nurses say phrases that hinted he was almost here. Suddenly I heard my Doctor say something to the affect that the Cord was wrapped around his neck...then he said "wrapped twice..." & "also around one arm.".....Seriously!.. I thought. Is this really happening! I panicked for a moment as I saw the reflection of what was happening above me. 
The nurses quickly took him and worked on him. Still no crying! A mother's worst nightmare. He still hadn't cried yet but suddenly an overwhelming feeling of peace came over me and I knew he was going to be okay. A tender mercy I'll never forget.~
He still hadn't cried yet and needed Oxygen!
(look how purplish he looks)

And then FINALLY we heard a little gurgley cry....
And then a louder, clearer one.
The best sound I ever heard...
When all was well, Tim cut the cord & then brought little Ryler over to me so I could kiss him. It literally felt like I was kissing Heaven. 

Tim took Ryler out of the room with him & the nurses as I was left in operating room getting sewn back up. The nausea came back & I threw up that nasty barium sulfate drink a number of times.

Finally I was all done. The doctor told me that again I had quite a lot of scar tissue (as always) but that everything looked good. What a relief. No abnormal bleeding, tearing, hemoraging or need for hysterectomy...Fears I have.

Then I was wheeled into the Recovery Room & I got to hold my baby.
And the World stood still....


Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

So intense but with such a sweet ending. :) I can't wait to meet Ryler (and hold him and hold him and hold him!). I have a little something for the new guy so give me a call when your life "calms" down. :)

Jamie said...

Oh, darlin' friend! Sweet welcomes to baby Ryler. I'm so thankful that he's here safely and that you are both doing well.

I totally know what you mean about "Am I really doing this again?!" I had that very same thought. Worth every staple, stich and piece of scar tissue. Sorry about the barfing...I'm always afraid that's going to happen to me.

Frolicking Night Owl said...

precious! precious! love the last pic!

Stephanie said...

That last picture is sweet!

Unknown said...

Aww man, I am bawling, how amazing that you could capture all those beautiful photographs, I love the last pict with your caption. That is when the bawling began. Congrats my beautiful friend. I love you girl. Enjoy your new little blessing!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...