Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kids Performances

The end of the school year came way too fast & has been full of Recitals & Performances. We have been BUSY with it all but I think having them perform gives them great experience & confidence. Over the course of 2 weeks we have had: 

*Spencer's 5th Grade Singing Performance:
He had a speaking part & was of course the most handsome 5th grader there. (Does every parent think that of their kids or is it just me?) Most of them were too cool to sing but not my Spence. His partner was not there so he danced alone & with the cutest grin. His star he waved around was decorated like Patrick-to which his younger siblings thought was the coolest thing ever!

*Daylan's Kindergarten Performance:
ADORABLE is all I have to say. There are some pretty talented 5 year old kiddos, Daylan included. He had the cutest speaking part & with his slight speech impediment, it melted the audience & gave them a giggle. He was the Vegetable "SPINACH" & said in the mic- "We're the leafy vegetables, in case you haven't guessed. And without us, Salads across the Land would be distressed."
*Spencer's Boys Hip Hop Dance Competition:    Spence & his Boyz Crew did great as always at The Hall of Fame Regional Competition. He was told by his Coach that this was his best performance ever. *They took 1st Place Overall in their Division!! As the boys accepted their award @ the Awards Ceremony that day, Spence gave the crowd a peace sign & head bob making them all chuckle. (They perform in July for Nationals @ Disneyland.)

*Kaylea & Spencer's Guitar Recital @ El Rico's:
Kaylea was one of the first to go up & was terrified. She hadn't practiced the particular song enough & panicked at the last minute. She even had to "run" to the bathroom right before she was to perform & was "gone" when it was her turn. But alas, she made it up to the front with a little love-shove from Mom. She sat on the chair in front of all the outside Restaurant & did a good job performing the chords of the song "Fireflies." I was so proud of her for doing something she was scared to do.

Then Spence got up & performed "I Wanna Be A Billionaire." He decided right before he went up to sing the words into the microphone. He also had a love-shove from his Mom right before when he 2nd-guessed his decision. He broke my heart when he said: "Do you really think I should?" Absolutely! -I told him. He got up there & sang and played his song. Kaylea & Spence have only been taking Group Guitar Lessons for about 3 months & both did something most adults would never do!

*Piano Group Days:
Each of my 15 students (3 being my own kids) casually performed over the course of 2 days for each other a song they had been working on. This was the less stressful way of doing it (for a prego lady like me) than the Christmas Recital I put on in December. We played games, performed & had treats. for my 6 week Maternity-Leave...nice.

*Daylan's "Let's Play Music" Recital:
What?...this doesn't look like a Recital picture?
Well it's because he was throwing up @ home instead of singing.
But we had him do his own Let's Play Music Recital for FHE later on.

& *Spencer's Hip Hop Dance Recital:    (May be continued)
I'll be in the Hospital with Ryler but will watch it later via recorded video. He'll have lots of support there from family members & I'm sure he'll do awesome! :)

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