Monday, May 30, 2011

From Here to Eternity...

...That was the name of our wedding song.
And here were our rings.

~We recently celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversary.~ 

And this is what we did:
It was a week to the day that Ryler was born. 
We began the day with a little picture taking. 
I took a few & then Tim's sister Tracey came to our house to do a lil' Family photo shoot. {photos coming ...}

Tim & I thought a lot about how different our lives were 12 years ago.
Wow was it different! ... in many more ways than one.

12 years later here are our wedding rings now...
on the oh -so- tiny toes of my 5th born.
I'm glad I took this photo that day because we have since LOST Tim's ring in this crazy time!
....ah.. the joys of moving.

*Later that evening, we celebrated in true Audra-style. We had our kids babysit themselves while we took plates of our neighbor-brought dinner to the secluded Pecan groves & talked about our future.
*Free and Peace and Quiet....what more could I ever want?
*Then with baby in tow, we headed to Kohls to use our free $10 off coupon. Tim pushed my recently cut open body around the store in a wheelchair while Ry lay on my lap. 
We were quite the site I'm sure.
While there we bought Jax, our soon to be 2 yr old birthday surprises to give him that next day.

*Back to the house it was as we greeted our 4 oldest children, 
...who were all still in one piece. 
We ate our yummy {neighbor-brought} dessert, watched a movie 
...and talked about our Moving plans for that next week. 
Yup- that's what you call pure Romance in the Campbell household.


Brian and Janette said...

Happy Anniversary! I LOVE the pic of the rings and toes. So precious.

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

I was just looking in a photo album last night and found your engagement photo. You both are still as gorgeous. :) Congratulations on 12 years! You are both amazing and it is a privilege to know you and see how much you love one another. Happy belated Anniversary. (Love that you still made time for each other in the middle of all the craziness)

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

ha ha ha! that is so funny. I didn't know Kohl's had wheel chairs for its patrons...I might take advantage of that next time I go in there! happy anniversary and happy birthday to Jax!