Wednesday, May 25, 2011

~L❤ve at First Sight~

Once I could finally feel my legs again after surgery 
(3 hours later!!-Remember my Rookie Anesthesiologist?
...they let Ryler & I leave the Recovery Room so he could greet everyone.
To my amazement Jaxson has jumped into the Big Brother roll  full force. From the moment he saw Ryler he said over & over again "Baby... a Baby!" He began to love on him and kiss him and even found some random stuffed bunny in the hospital and was trying to have Ry play with it. There has not been an ounce of jealousness shown by Jax-It just might have pushed me over the edge if he did. What a blessing!... 

{Just now as I was typing this, Ryler began to fuss in his swing & within seconds I hear Jax yelling from the other room saying: "Mom baby cry!"}
And then there's the BIG KIDS:
They are loving every minute holding their little brother Ryler.
My favorite thing about being a Mom...
 is seeing my children LOVE each other!

{I'm sure it is just how our Father in Heaven feels too.}


Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Kaylea looks like she is in heaven with that sweet little baby in her arms! I love her face as she smiles down at him!

Debbie said...

He's darling Audra - and I have to agree that it's wonderful to have older children LOVE the baby.