Thursday, May 5, 2011

~Spring All Around Us~

(although Summer is coming upon us way too fast...)

If it weren't for my allergies, it would be my favorite.
so it comes in 2nd next to Fall.

~I love that Spring represents New Life & New Beginnings.~
..notice the For Sale sign in the background above...don't LOVE that part.

Every year wherever it is we live, it seems like we always have a nest of birds. This time the doves made a nest at eye level on a rickety branch in our front yard. The birds chose a pretty tree with a view but the branch, their foundation was way too wobbly. (See where I'm heading with this?...)
So after a couple days of enjoying watching these baby birds, the kids come running inside panicking saying "Mom, the baby birds-..they're dying!!" I went out and saw the 2 baby birds on the concrete, one was seizuring close to death & the other questionably sitting however he landed. The saddened mother bird was flying around in circles not knowing what to do. I got some gloves, picked up the baby birds and placed them back in their nest on a more sturdy branch.

Within minutes the mother bird was back to the nest trying to help her babies. A day or so passed as she tried nursing them back to health & then suddenly all were gone. One lay there on the ground dead while the other baby & mom were gone. Hopefully the other baby flew off & was okay.

Lesson learned from the Birds: New Beginnings are not always the same for everyone. As one baby bird survived and carried on it's life here on the Earth, the other began it's life elsewhere. As sad as I am to move and leave, I know just like the other bird that a new beginning is about to take flight.

~Here's to New Life & New Beginnings!...

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Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

What a terrific teaching opportunity! That's the way these little kiddies learn. Sad though that one of the birds died.

You guys have been busy with all those performances you listed off in your other post. Great pics! I can't believe the hip hop group is doing so well!!!! I mean I can...they are phenomenal...but wowsers! Our fingers are crossed for Spencer (and the other boys).

Good luck tomorrow. We'll be thinking of you.