Wednesday, July 23, 2008

*Happy Birthday to my Friends!

~July is always busy when it comes to birthdays! Here's some Friends who have birthdays this next week so I'd thought I would say a few quick words about each. Happy Birthday Girlies!

*Tia (Noble) Palmer-July 17th

We met my 1st semester at college as she was the room right across from me in the dorms. This Yuma girl had the messiest room but would come out of it looking spectacular every day. She had the cutest clothes, best hair and funnest ideas. We had so much fun together and I still think of her as a roommate although we never roomed together. She'd always know the right thing to say to cheer me up. I'll never forget our beetle friend Lan!

*Aubrey (Roussel) Pena-July 20th

Aubrey & I had a special bond where we could just look at each other and laugh. We were connected at the hip for quite a while at E.A. We were so giggly and silly back then...not to mention boy crazy. Aubrey & I were friends in high school but didn't become close till college. We'd sing endlessly together and I was always envious of her creativity & ability to make friends.

*Megan (Noble) Holdsworth-July 21st

Megan helped me survive my first few years of Flagstaff. I wouldn't have made it without her. Tia introduced me to her older sister megan and she quickly began my surrogate older sister. Our boys played together and Indy was spencer's first friend. My favorite "picture taker" who used us as her guinie pigs is now seriously the most awesome photographer ever!

*Becky (Payne) Larson-July 25th

Friends since 8th grade we've come up with more nicknames for boys than I would think humanly possible. I remember our joint 16th birthday party, modeling pictures and EFY's we went to. Becky was always a girl who knew what she wanted and went for it. We had big dreams in junior high to go to E.A. and we actually both got scholarships and went together!

*Natalie (Barlow) Sherwood-July 28th

Talented is the first word that comes to mind with Natalie. Friends since junior high, we became great friends in High School. Her house was always the funnest to hang out at with her walk out basement and boys over all the time. I'll never forget our car accident in HS and how she had to get cut out of the SUV we were in. Since she had to stay laying down so she could heal, my sis and I came to lip sync and dance for her to make her laugh.

~If you know any of these girls tell me what you remember or love about them.:)


Brooklyn said...

Hey Audra! I never get to talk to you on Sundays! I love watching your cute family during sacrament. Thankyou, THANKYOU for your sweet email Audra! It made me cry. You are the sweetest, and I appreciate your friendship. Have a wonderful day :)

Raich said...

Whenever I happen to hear Delilah I think of Becky Payne in her basement bedroom trying to explain to me the merits of Delilah...
Natalie is awesome, i love her family, and can't believe how cute her adorable little girls are...She's calm, smart, and very deserving of a Happy Birthday...Aubrey's smile is awesome...and I thought Tia was cool before I even met her...
I think her sister's sons name is cool
Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...

Speaking of birthdays....HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY to you!!!! I guess that is a worthy enough reason to miss the baby shower. :) I'm glad your "good" friends made sure that you felt loved that day. I owe you big time! You're one of my favorite people on earth and I'm surely glad that you are here to keep me company!