Wednesday, July 30, 2008

*Happy Birthday to my Ethan*

Seems like just yesterday my little nephew
  Ethan Marcus Goodwin was born.

Today he turns 2!

(I took this picture of him and then they moved not too long after.)

2 years later we are sent pictures like these! Adorable!

*Last year around his 1st birthday we were able to watch him for a couple days and have some quality "cousin time" while his mom and dad went on a trip. This year he is far away in Idaho.

Some things we love about Ethan:

Kaylea says: "I love him because he let's me carry him and he's so sweet."

Spencer: "I love Ethan because he gives me hugs."

Daylan: "I love him betuz... I dunno!"

Halloween 2007

after a bee stung him on the lip!

what a difference 2 years can make
some cute boys don't ya think?

~I will never forget when they came to visit this summer and Ethan walked into Grandma's house with the biggest grin. He smiled for just hours straight. This kid is precious!

Ethan's parents waited a long time for him to come to earth and we are so glad his little brother Carson joined soon after.
~We wanted to wish Ethan a VERY HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY! 

(*Your great-uncle Gary shines down on you today*)


Stephanie said...

Thanks for the sweet post!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie's boys have the biggest, most striking eyes! They are so cute! It's so cute that they both look so much like one another too! I love when it works out like that.

Kian has some of those Mister Happy shirts too. I see that Daylan was wearing the Mister Tickle one. When I put Kian in his Mister Silly shirt he starts fake laughing (sounds hilarious) and feels the need to fulfill an obligation to be silly while wearing the shirt. Crazy boy!

Becky said...

You have a beautiful family! I'm so glad I found you (through Kathleen's blog). Remember when we were dumb college girls chasing boys? And now you have such a beautiful family. Looks like you are all doing wonderful. I'm glad.