Friday, August 1, 2008

*Happy Birthday Mason!

Happy Birthday to
our Brother 'N Law


(Most of you know we had a double wedding reception with him & Carrie.)

*Mason has been Tim's business partner for years now and in that time they've owned & ran various businesses together whether it was building homes, a hotel or Ice Cream. They always have complimented each other well with their different abilities & personlaity traits. 
For a time Tim & Mason were together constantly whether with work, sports or trips. We even lived next door and our kids would jump across the fence back & forth and play. That made "business meetings" very convenient.
One great thing about Mason is that he has the most even kill temper ever. He's always calm and collected. Even when he's mad you wouldn't know it! Mason is extremely patient and always in good mood. He just goes with the flow and is easy to get along with.

Mason is probably the hardest working Dad I've ever met! He's seems to always be carrying a kid, bathing one of them or changing a diaper. I'm sure he will always have a close relationship with his kids because of that.

An amusing trait of Mason's is that he'll just say it like it is...which has oftentimes presented some funny moments. He always has some story or joke to tell to lighten the mood.

Happy Birthday to "Uncle Mason"!


Lacey said...

what a cute post!!!! amen to everything you said! EASIEST PERSON to get along with

Lundell Family said...

You continue to amaze me that you have given a birthday tribute to almost everyone if not everyone. We all know how many family members you have between your family and Tim's. You always say such nice words. I can not even keep up with remembering birthdays let alone taking the time you have taken to write all the things you love about each person. I always look forward to reading what you have to say on everyone's birthday.

Unknown said...

You are so good at doing everyone's b-days. How is everything going? Did you find a house?