Tuesday, August 19, 2008

*Best Friends*

*The 3 kids are sharing a room & bed in the condo and they are loving it! It's a slumber party every night for them. I went in to kiss them good night & overheard this:

Kaylea: "Spencer, we should have Best Friend rings just like Sponge Bob and Patrick!"

Spencer: "Yeah we should."

Aw.....those are the moments that freeze time.
(supposedly one episode spongebob & patrick got "best friend rings"...must've missed that one)


Stephanie said...

Does your favorite Auntie Mama get one too!

Anonymous said...

That is way too cute! I just love when siblings actually enjoy one another. You really do have such sweet kids Audra!

Daylan looks like he has quite the future in photography. :)

Rusten,Danae & Munchkins said...

Thats so cute!!

Unknown said...

Way too cute, I wish my kiddos got along better more often.