Thursday, August 14, 2008

~Happy Birthday Debbie~

~Happy Birthday today to my Mother in Law Debbie! Today she turns 56 years young. The reason I am allowed to give her age because she DOESN'T look her age. From her small petite frame to her skin to her clothes. She is definitely young at heart.

~Debbie is a one of a kind always with a funny story to tell. She can come up with a cute poem off the top of her head. (She even put words to the song I wrote in High School and within months we were in a studio recording it with Lacey & Ashlyn and sent it off to be in 2 CD's.)

~Debbie is well known for coming up with songs, dances and skits for her girls to do. With her creativity, music abilities & her girls talents, Lace & Ash were able to be in numerous commercials, movie clips & media ads.

~Another talent of Debbie's is that she can find the BEST deals around. Whether it's clothing, decor or groceries she will find where she can pay the least!

~Debbie & Lonnie have always been there to talk & give their thoughts, ideas & opinions about life, yet then stand back and let there children find their own way. This has definitely aided Tim to become successful in various ways. ~They have also taken us on a number of family trips which are so fun as we get to see the world together. Here below is a group of fam getting ready to scuba dive in the Caribbean.
~Debbie loves practically anything burnt...toast, cookies, steak. The blacker the better... it's her trademark. She is very good at documenting life..we both have a love for pictures and video making!

...And the best thing about Debbie is that she gave me my Tim!

*We Love You*


Lundell Family said...

ADORABLE Audra.I am so glad you asked me to look at your blog or I would have missed your sweet comments about everyone (including your most recent about me).I had a wonderful day with half my family.. Missing Brian and Heidi and my sweet hubby and Lacey.I am truely blessed and grateful for 56 fabulous years.I hope I live to reach my own mothers age of 90. Thank you once again Audra for staying up late to write such detailed stories to share with everyone. Love you Debbie

Tracey said...

So sweet Audra - you pretty much said it all