Saturday, August 2, 2008

*Lemonade Stand

...One of the necessities of childhood!

"Mom this lemonade business is hard work!"

-So I should have been packing instead on this day
but I had promised my kids a lemonade stand before the end of the summer and we were getting down to the wire.

The kids made $10.10 and so each received $5.05. They've come to realize how much work and time it takes to earn money for just a few Pokemon cards.


Unknown said...

How cute they are out there. I think that is a great way to help them appreciate the value of a dollar. Skyler just bought a tin of Pokemons today with b-day money from one of his aunts. He was so happy because it usually takes 2 weeks to earn enough allowance to buy one of the dumb little packs. I still don't get the whole Pokemon thing, but Skyler LOVES it! I love Kaylea's face in the pict, she is adorable!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

how cute. I love the signs written by them. so classic
i bet it was hot, so they defiitely had to sample their own merchandise

Raich said...

Why the heck are Pokeman cards so expensive?? Next year you have to go to sunkist's website and order their free lemonade stand. It's so cute and they(the kids) promise to donate the money to a charity. Your kids are so creative and cute...

Stephanie said...