Friday, August 15, 2008

~Happy Birthday Brittany~

~My little sis Brittany turns 19 today! I remember her 1st birthday so clearly (does that mean I'm old?) (flashback)..her bright blonde hair, beautiful eyes and big grin with her little teeth when she smiled. She was climbing on top of her walker...a gymnast from the start. I remember even her gifts...her chipmunk "brittany" bowl, utensils & doll! ....So 18 years later here she cute as ever.



~Britt thought my name was "Hi-ya" (yea like the karate word) when she was young and the name has stuck! I in turn called her "Nini."
~As a little girl she was such a rascal..a cute rascal but one nonetheless. She was doing acrobatics as she ran around in just a diaper. We called her "Mogli" from Jungle Book since that's who this tiny little thing looked like.

~She had the cutest little raspy voice as a kid, was always the fastest runner at school, the flyer as a cheerleader & became so tough because of her older brother Danny picking on her. She held her own and they brought alot of laughs and excitement to the family! What a combo those two were.
~Britt has been "hard of hearing" since she was a little girl and is very good at reading lips. This has been a struggle that she's overcome very well and not let get in her way!

~Brittany has always been a girl who knew what she wanted and went for it. For years as a young teenager she knew she wanted to be a Dental Hygenist and today she works in an orthodonist's office and is close to making her goal a reality.

Oh another thing I love is her constant hugs & nostril flare when she laughs. We are definitely related!


~Brittany was 9 almost 10 when I got married~

~Happy Birthday Baby Bwittany!~ (hehe:)
*We Love YoU!*


A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

how cute she is...I love that picture of you guys a long time ago in your white colar dress, you like a girl from colorado city!!! ha ha

brittany said...

THANKS HIYA! That was very sweet of you! Love you lots! :)
Love, NINI

Unknown said...

She is gorgeous. I too loved the pict of you kids from back in the day, gotta love the poofy bangs. You guys are so cute. I never knew your sister was hard of hearing. Happy b-day Brittany.