Saturday, August 23, 2008

*Grandma Curtis' Birthday*

~Grandma Curtis had a really hard week. She has a history of dangerous blood clotting and is not supposed to sit for long periods of time because of it. Well being the do-it-herself type that she is, her & Granddad "snuck" and drove around 12 or more hours down to Arizona so she could visit her sister who is ill and was about to turn 90! (She was instructed by doctors to fly instead!)

~Just moments after Grandma stepped out of the car she fell and broke her arm & pelvis. A 2nd cousin of mine drove her to the Show Low hospital and they in turn air evacked her to the Flagstaff hospital in the middle of the night for surgery. She is now down here in the valley healing and getting the rehabilitation she needs.

~We are glad she did so well reacting to the surgery and now is already able to walk again as she is doing in Physical Therapy. The doctors & nurses are amazed she is doing so well so quickly! She is one tough cookie:)

~So we celebrated her 86th Birthday yesterday in her Rehabilitation Center as we had birthday cake and did her favorite pastime crossword puzzles. Phylip made one & personalized it just for her with family names etc.

Grandma is not one who ever asks for help or likes attention and so I told her this must be a lesson she needs to learn!!  She's admitted that it has been nice having other people cook her meals and having been brought so many goodies. Her favorite new drink is a Cherry Limeade! We have enjoyed spending this time with her and hope that she can continue healing quickly! 

......But next time Grandma you are FLYING here!!!!
Grandma & Granddad ~May '08 (Utah)

Grandma, Me & Dude (~'05 Arizona)

~their front porch Summer '07~


Stephanie said...

Thanks for the post and update. I wish I could be there. Give Grandma a hug from the Goodwin Crew!

Callie said...

I hope your Grandma makes a full recovery :) I love your blog, and it's amazing how our families change over the years! Spencer is so handsome! He was such a little guy back in Flagstaff, and Kaylea was a newborn! Glad to see you guys are healthy and well. I am assuming you are back in the Tim still involved with building homes? Has the market affected that there? Thanks for visiting our day I will make mine as pretty as yours, as soon as I figure it out ;)

kwistin said...

Wow, I was so happy to see recent pictures of Grandma and Granddad! It's been hard being a state away and still staying connected, so thanks for the update. We're all praying for them!

I also love your blog! Your family is growing and beautiful! Thanks for finding my blog- It's a work in progress...maybe now I'll post more, though. :)

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

I am glad she is ok. Funny grandma's , they never wanna do what the doctor says!!! Looks like she enjoyed ya'll visiting.

Unknown said...

She is so cute, I am glad she is recovering so well. She seems so sweet and I can see a bit of her in you. It makes me remember visiting your other grandma during college days, you are lucky to have grandparents still around. I just want to hug them both, they are so cute!