Friday, August 22, 2008

*22 years ago today....

~Happy Anniversary 
to Tim's parents 

Debbie & Lonnie 
as they celebrate 22 years!~

THEN... (1986)

and NOW
 (plus 5 in laws &  20 grandkids)


A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

WOW!! 22 years seems long and they look so young! I love them and their whole family.

Lacey said...

wow Audra, I am glad you told me to go look at your blog. Time is flying by.. We went to wicked garden tonight ( for anyone reading this, its just a nice restaurant in laguna) not what it sounds like..ha ha.Heidi you are a doll as well,, I could not be more blessed with sweeter loving daughter- in- you guys and can't wait for the BIG 25 cause I KNOW you are all going to surprise us hee hee Debbie

Lacey said...

wow, so much has changed its crazy! i love their wedding picture, its so cute

Scott Simas said...

Oh my! What a scary looking 12 year old girl! Wow things have changed! Happy Anniversary - grandma & grandpa!

I love Spencer's cub scout pictures - so CUTE!