Monday, August 11, 2008

*Who's Talkin' NOW France??

~Ok was that not one of the best moments in Olympic History?? Last night we watched the USA Mens swim relay team "SMASH" the World record ...& France for that matter in the Mens 4x100 relay. *We had tivo-ed it and watched it late last night. So it was 11:30 or 12 & I was tired but I literally jumped out of bed screaming with Tim as we watched Lezak catch up and win the gold medal for the U.S.!!

How rewarding that was especially after Bernard from the France Mens Team commented before the race saying:
“The Americans? We’re going to smash them... That’s what we came here for,” ...

Well who's talkin' now French Boy!

~aw...that was awesome. U gotta love the absolutely AMAZING recovery
by Jason Lezak!! Garrett Weber-Gale, Michael Phelps & Cullen Jones. I love Phelps & Cullen the bestest! They are so sweet & cute!
USA Men's Swim Team Destroys World Record in 400m Free Relay for Gold

-- 'By a fingertip, Michael Phelps is still on course for eight gold medals. He can thank Jason Lezak for getting him No. 2.The oldest man on the U.S. swimming team pulled off one of the great comebacks in Olympic history Monday morning, lunging to the wall just ahead of France's Alain Bernard in a race so fast it actually erased two world records.Wow!Few sporting events live up the hype this one exceeded it.

'The 32-year-old Lezak was nearly a body length behind the massive Bernard as they made the final turn, but the American hugged the lane rope, drafting off the Frenchman and stunningly overtaking him on the very last stroke. Watching on deck, Phelps let out a resounding "Yeaaaaaah!'' and thrust both arms toward the roof of the Water Cube. .."As soon as (Lezak) came off that last wall, I started going crazy. We're a team. We went in as a TEAM and now we're exiting as a team and we're going out with that gold that we needed to get ....'While the Americans whooped it up on deck, Bernard clung to the wall, his head down. The French were second in 3:08.32 eight one-hundredths of a second behind. Australia took the bronze in 3:09.91. In fact, the top five all went below the record set Sunday.

Bernard, the swimmer who had talked confidently of beating the Americans was the last one to leave the pool.'

(Cmon Bernard..didn't your Mama teach you that if you can't say somethin nice don't say anything at all!) Whoops...this time it bit ya in the bootie!


Phyl said...

i know! you gotta love the olympics..i mean any other sport,like football, the whole country will split up with their own teams, but the olympics..we all come to gether and really show what power we have...i love it!

Lundell Family said...

That was awesome!!! We did the same thing jumped up and screamed. I love the Olympics, it will be depressing when they are over. I look forward to watching them every night

Tracey said...

That was so amazing! My kids are loving watching it every night.

Anonymous said...

That was a pretty incredible win. I was starting to doze off on the couch and Brig's hooting and hollering woke me up pretty quick, just in time to see the amazing finish! It was EXTRA satisfying after that mean comment--I bet Bernard feels like a heel!

Unknown said...

That one had me out of my chair jumping up and down, so amazing! I love the olympics!

Tia said...

Honestly Audra I love it cause I can always count on you to have documented everything major that happens. I should just check here first! I love it! And I pretty much cried when they one and I even knew they one, cause I watched later. Must be the pregnancy!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

WAy to go.. I loved the look on the frenchie's team but the look on Phelps was even better!

Tiffany said...

That was so awesome! It has been so FUN to watch the Olympics as a family every night.