Thursday, August 7, 2008

*Happy Birthday Tim!

Tim acts like he doesn't read my blog but I know he does


Ok so where do I begin:?....

*Well today Tim turns 34. I started dating Tim when he was 24 and the last 10 years have been the best! We've learned alot from each other and have been blessed with three precious kiddos.

Happy Birthday to my Timmy! I love you so much and couldn't imagine life without you.

So I thought I'd attempt to say 34 things I love about Tim... out this might be painful!

34 Things WE LOVE:

1) His smile makes me melt even when I'm mad at him

2)That he kisses me every time he sees the clock say

3) Plays tickle on the back
every night with Day& Kay

That he has his favorite scripture memorized
(Alma 26:12) & applies it to how he lives his life.

5) He helps me see my real priorities. Tim helps me throw out old stuff I don't need...otherwise I'd keep it forever. Example: (I just barely went threw a huge bin of old High School notes that I thought I needed them all for some reason.)

6) His entrepreneur talents

When he says to me: "All we need is our love"

8) His bright green eyes

9) When he sings his old Guns N Roses songs at the top of his lungs
in the car

10) That he pushes me to do my best and not give up

11) Sneaks the kids treats when I'm not looking

12) His big strong hands

13) How he paces the floor when he's on an "important phone call"

14)Teasing tactics he uses

15) His passion for excited he gets for a filet & that he thinks he has to have 2 desserts after dinner.

16)Wrestles his boys (usually until someone gets hurt...I don't like that part)

17) His Love for traveling & seeing the World

18) That he has a shy side

19) Does the "Costco trips"
for me

20) His knowledge of Church History & War

21) Snuggles with kids

22) He always wanted to be good at basketball as teenager, worked hard & now can whoop most guys his age at it.

23) Still has the desire to play basketball even though he's sprung both ankles multiple times.

24) Clears his throat funny when he's nervous.

25) He looks forward to having TV time with me
after kids go to bed

(Sacred Grove)

26) Does dinner dishes most nights

27) He can work twice as hard
& twice as fast than most people

28) Is not a morning person...loves sleeping in (me too!)

29) Can read faster than anyone I know

30) That his ideal date night is me & him at the movie theatre

31) He DOES NOT give up...If someone tells him he can't do something then that's only more motivation for him to do it.

32) Is optimistic
even when everyone else is not.
When he laughs so hard his face scrunches up and tears come out.

34) That he will still love me
even after reading these embarassing things.

Whew!! I did it! ... and it wasn't even as painful as I thought.

Happy Birthday Honey....We Love You!

(going to europe flying 1st class...we ate it up!)


kristal said...

Um, now I"M in love with Tim. You got me at the GUns and Roses! Ha, just kidding. Great list. #24 reminds me of Family Stone (the movie). Hey, I'm ready for a PL reunion again! Get one together!

kristal said...

oh, and I LOVE that last picture...very cool!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Tim! It was fun seeing you guys today - hope you had a fabulous birthday! Audra, cute post and I love all the nice things you had to say about him. I am sure he will love it!!

Tiffany said...

I've been looking for the Tim Bob post! That was so much fun reading and it sounds right on. I love singing in the car with Tim REALLY loud. (lake powell) He is so much fun I must say, and I also love that when he laughs he cries! Hope you had a great day Tim. Sorry I couldn't make it for lunch. Happy Birthday!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday! Wish we could have met up with you guys today.

Raich said...

Happy Birthday Tim...Yeah that wasn't the bad ... I can totally see him pacing on the phone...Hope your day was Happy
Lyal and Rachael

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

Happy Birthday Tim..I think of Tim as the ultimate trip planner and will never forget the Disney World trip and how he planned out ALL our eating adventures...places we would've never gotten into without him. The time we hired that taxi driver in Naples, Italy and the good time we had..remember the singing? And just the other night when he laughed so hard at the restraunt that people were looking!! He's so much fun to be around.

Anonymous said...

Yea!!! Happy Birthday Tim! We think you're okay too. :) Audra, you really got a great one in that guy! He's pretty lucky to have you too. You guys really compliment each other so well. Here's to tons more birthdays to celebrate Tim!!!!!!

Miken Harding said...

Happy birthday Tim. Nice post Audra. Glad you found a place to live for a while. I'm sure it makes you appreciate all that you have. Good luck on the deal of the centry.

Shawna said...

email me with your address so I can send you an invite once my blog goes private

Lacey said...

happy birthday timmy!!! sorry so late i was in lake powell, but i love timmmmy!!!!