Wednesday, August 27, 2008

*The Condo

~At first I was leary about moving into this Condo. It was going to mean JUST the bare necessities...a kitchen table, a desk, couch & mattresses because that's what we could fit! Well I sucked up my pride and I think we're making the best of it. In fact we feel very blessed to be here right now and wouldn't change it. (Like how we forced my piano in that space?) So for the record here are a couple things we enjoy about being here.  

* walk about 10 steps barefoot to the pool
* ride bikes/walk to Sonic to get 1/2 price drinks
*have the place cleaned in just minutes!
* have kids sleep together on 1 bed so they have fun & feel safe 

* a basketball court, pool & playground just steps away
* a piece of asphalt in back of complex for kids to ride bikes
* 2-tone paint inside, granite counters, laundry inside 
* our church building on our same street 
* great friendly faces in the ward

 Ok so it's a little hard cuz:
*tim & i occasionally collide into each other when we walk down the hall
*kids are confined to one room most of the day for homeschool
*things are a little crammed but hey we got creative and even made ourselves a sectional out of our 2 couches:)

.....BUT we do love being forced in such close quarters to one another and having SO much LESS to clean! 

We are definitely grateful to be here during this transition phase of our lives.


The Evans Family said...

Just wanted to say hi!! Hard to find time to blog these days, I need to stay up late or get up earlier maybe? Glad to see you are all cute & cozy in your condo. Love your grandparents! Had so much fun in Utah for EFY with them-so darling! Your kids are spiritual giants for sure! I don't question where they get it from! Saw your mom at the rec center-she was there for mutual. Cute and spunky as ever! Thinking of you and sending my love! -M

Tiffany said...

It looks so cozy in that condo. You always make the best out of everything Audra. At least it's less to clean, right? Love the Sonic next door. I always make a stop there when I go to my moms. I will have to stop by next time!

Lacey said...

cozy is right, looks fun. i can't believe they all fit on that bed!!! guess what, they don't have sonic here i just realized that the other day, i do miss that place!

Callie said...

Hey! Just curious, what kind of transition are you guys in right now? I think your condo looks way cute!

Frolicking Night Owl said...

You're such a good sport! I hate being too cozy cause I get really anxious feeling. I'm starting to get anxious to get out of our current home.

Unknown said...

I try to find the positive in our condo living as much as I can, it is hard knowing our house is sitting empty up in Buckeye, I would give anything to buy our house at the price it is selling for. I am just praying it sells very very soon. I love the pictures of Christ you have on your wall. Love you!

Tracey said...

Way to go Audra... you always seem to make the best out of everything! The big bonus I see, is that there is not as much to clean. The kids look so cute in that bed together.

Aleia said...

Sounds like youre making the best of things! Your home is lovely!

Veronica said...

Audra, I found your blog from Jenny's. I love it!! I have actually been thinking about downsizing lately and how great it would be to not have so much stuff. This post confirmed that for me. I think it sounds great and you look like such a great mom!