Friday, July 25, 2008

*Happy Birthday Austin*

Cousin Austin turns 14 today! As one of the oldest McCleve cousins he has had a great responsibility to set an example for the younger kids and I think he has lived up to that. Austin is a happy golucky teenager with a great attitude on life and wonderful talent. While in Laguna this summer I heard someone downstairs playing the Jim Brickman song "The Love of My Life"...(one of our wedding songs) I went down and listened to the beautiful music he was making.

It seems like he was just baptized yesterday. Gosh time goes fast! 

~Here is Austin last fall as he and my brother Phyl traded off being our "Dippin' Dots" mascot! Austin always seems up for anything! (what a difference even a year makes..he looks so grown up now and I know grew a TON this last school year.)

Austin is kind hearted, well mannered and just a good kid all around. We wanted to wish him a very Happy Birthday!!   Hope you had a great day! We Love Ya!  


Tracey said...

Again, thank you for remembering another birthday! You are to sweet. Tiff just told me you moved tonight! I didn't realize the time had come - pls let us know what we can do tomorrow.

Lacey said...

of course i knew to look at your blog cause i knew you would have remembered austie! adorable post as usual

Tiffany said...

As always... you are very thoughtful. That was such a sweet post!

A day in the life of the Campbell's said...

Happy Birthday to Austin, man, I can't keep up with all the birthdays in this family...Audra, I don't think I can keep up with you either!