Sunday, July 20, 2008

*Happy 5th Birthday Ava!

*Happy Happy Birthday to cousin *AVA* of Kaylea's favorite people*

*Ava is a one of a kind little girl with her adorable naturally curly hair. Her smile is contagious and she is so photogenic..just look at these pictures! (I couldn't decide which ones to choose because they're all so perfect.)

~Daddy's little girl & Mommy's little helper~

*Ava is so sweet and Kaylea LOVES to play kitchen, shopping, dress up and house with her. We have missed playing with her as she's been in Laguna Beach for the summer. Ava's always dressed so cute with her perfectly matched jewelry & accessories and she loves getting all "pretty."

*She is a great sister to her big and little sisters Emmie & Elsie. Ava is very nurturing and wants to take care of people and make them happy. She will be a great Mommy some day.

~this one makes me cry~

~WE LOVE YOU AVA & have thought of you today~


Tiffany said...

Thank You Audra for remembering Ava. You are always so thoughtful! I am glad Spencer had a good day yesterday. Tell him I have something for him!

Lacey said...

oh my goodness, SO CUTEEEEE! you are so awesome aud! love the last pic, it is so precious