Monday, July 21, 2008

*Happy Birthday Marcus!

*Ok so you all know the drill on birthdays...
Brag & Embarass-So Here I go...

*My brother n law Marcus turns 29 today! ...and I'll always have the satisfaction that I'm 5 days older than him. So there!

*Honestly I couldn't have picked a better fit for my sister Steph. He makes her laugh and their senses of humor compliment each other well. He is so good to her and their two boys. Marcus is a fab dad and a fun uncle. He always jokes around with my kids and still they trust him.

*Marcus is someone I really look up to. He has withstood much in his life and has been such an example to his family and friends. Marcus is genuine and giving. He is smart, dedicated and motivated to whatever he sets out to do. He has many friends and people enjoy his company and ask his advice.

*I don't want to get too personal and embarass him too much but one thing I want to say is that he has a romantic side. When him and steph were just barely engaged (christmas night 2001) they were both telling me the story of how he proposed with a dinner set upon a friends roof, overlooking the Mesa Temple. So they are telling me the story and just gazing in each others eyes and every 10 words or so would kiss. The best part is I have it on tape somewhere! Are you guys embarassed yet?

*We miss them up in Idaho and are trying to convince them to move back down to be close to us again. Please Marcus if you're reading this...PLEASE! Hehe:)



Stephanie said...

Who wouldn't want to kiss those hot lips!

Miken Harding said...

You and your birthdays! Way to go-happy late b-day for you. Favorite memory of you...would have to be at EA and any adventure with the pink ladies and our jackets-dancing in the front yard. Practicing for our preformance-didn't you fall on your bum?