Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Daylan graduates...

How appropriate that the day before my new baby comes, my other baby is graduating....well even if it is just from 3 year old Preschool. Anyhow Wednesday the 20th, Daylan felt all grown up and just in time to become the BIG BROTHER.

Grandma Kathy came for the celebration.

His Graduating Class:
look for the short, smiling one at the right side of the screen
(okay he is a 3 yr old in a 4 yr old it's not that bad right?)

Thanks to Ms. Chris for being patient with Daylan's shy antics and having faith in his abilities.

There is a lot of symbolism to this photo. 
For 1: The last picture I would have taken of me before the next day Baby Jaxson's birth. 
For 2: Four years ago this same week, we were celebrating Spencer graduating from Preschool when I was also 9 months pregnant then, but with Daylan. Oh how time flies.

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