Monday, May 25, 2009

Mom & Jax Going Home

Getting ready to check out of the hospital.
(So why did no one tell me that about the cords that were about to strangle my neck at any second?)
(This is the position Jaxson slept in the night before: right on Mom's chest. He lay there peacefully in dream land & hardly moved all night.)
Adios: Hospital      Hola: Real Life
Don't forget to grab the flowers!
Look at this Cutie!

(Picking Up the Kids @ Mom & Dad's)
Tim: "Hi Day I missed you."
Audra: "Is he strapped in okay?" 
We're HOME!
Excited & Ready to be a Big Brother!

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Anonymous said...

How sweet that Jax got to sleep with Mommy. I was so scared of the nurses when I would put Eden in bed with me and doze off. If I heard the door open I would wake up really quickly and pretend like I hadn't been sleeping. I thought they would yell at me for co-sleeping or something. It's just so nice to snuggle with them! Anyway, Jax looks as snug as a bug and I love his car seat! How cute!