Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This "Caterpillar" Kindergartner...

......becomes a "Butterfly" 1st Grader.

~I love having a little girl. Of course I love my boys too, but there's just something special about a girl, especially when it comes to communicating. For instance, each day when the kids would get home from school, I would ask Spencer how his day was & he would usually respond with a simple ...  "It was good."

Now when I would ask Kaylea, a typical response from her would be: 

"Well Mom... I wish I didn't wear my flip flops today because I got sand in my toes at recess. Did you know that Sage wore her hair in pig tails today just like me?... Oh and we did this cool art project and I colored SO GOOD. I got a new library book and a sticker at computer lab.   And then...on the bus Gabriel gave me a brown crayon and said it was his favorite color. Then he gave me a paper with his phone number on it. I think he likes me."

Here are some pictures of Kaylea with the friends & teacher in her class on the day of their Music Program. She was in afternoon Kindergarten this last semester with a class total of 5 girls & 6 boys and loved it.

Kaylea & her biggest fan! = Daylan

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Rachel Hanchett said...

The little girl she is with Haley Wilkerson is in my ward, cute!