Thursday, May 14, 2009

Football King

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Saturday morning!*
(a Thumbs-Up from Daylan)

*So I have to mention that the 1st game Daylan had he literally threw his body on the ground in the middle of the field when he didn't want to play. ~A proud Mother Moment...not. Seriously, I promise he BEGGED me to do this although I'm sure it looked as if I was forcing it. (Pahlease!.... 31-37 weeks pregnant...I'd much rather be sleeping in Saturday mornings than be at an 8:00 game.)

Daylan's personality is so funny. You have to really know him to really understand him. He is ULTRA sensitive & gets his feelings hurt easily. If he doesn't understand something completely or if you tell him to do something that wasn't his idea. Or if he says something that you didn't understand... watch out! He'll give the classic pouty lip and if you're lucky you might get to witness a "Daylan-tantrum." Quite amusing I'm sure IF you're NOT the parent.  

So anyhow you can see why now we can be the proud parents. We're cheering not for touchdowns, but rather for things like when he played his 1st practice & then game WITHOUT a family member on the field. 

The frustrating thing is that Daylan actually has an amazing arm & is very good at playing any sort of ball game. It comes really naturally for him. At a year old he'd throw and catch a ball better than me...although that's not saying too much.

Daylan hiking the ball 

*So being that it's almost the end of the season, we are thrilled that our consistency in coming to the games in which most he never played, has payed off! Saturday Dude went into play his 2nd game (with a little bribing) and made a couple of plays. He hiked the ball 3 times & ran the ball once. He actually got his flag pulled before he could make it across the line, but his coach told him to keep running, so Daylan thinks he made a touchdown! All the parents cheered as if he did & he was pretty proud of himself....Thus the "thumbs-up" at the top of the page. 

Today at practice he did awesome and had all the confidence in the world.
We love you Dude!

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Anonymous said...

That's so cool! You guys are such good parents to sign your kids up for such fun stuff. Daylan looks so tiny out on that big old field! What a cutie!